Alien Implants and Mental Illness

Dr. Roger Leir slides from UFO Festival lecture

Implant after removal.

I see a high success rate. By success, I mean clients who feel better and no longer require ongoing mental health treatment.

However, everyone does not get better. I can file though my memory and remember the patients that for whatever reason, could not be neurohacked. One patient I remember well. Seth, a young male who stated he was abducted by aliens and had a chip in his head. Despite the considerable sums of money his parents spent on testing, and treatment, using both alternative medicine and mainstream psychiatric medications. Seth failed to improve and some years later, I learned that he took his life.

Had I been aware of the work done by Dr. Roger Leir, I might not have been so skeptical of Seth’s claims.

Dr. Leir has been a leader in the area of diagnosing and removing implants from individuals who claim to have been abducted by extra-terrestrials.

Instead of considering these patients to be suffering from “mental illness,” with an unknown cause. Dr. Leir followed the number one basic tenant of good medicine. That tenant states clearly, find the pathology and remove it.

Could this be true?

Do alien implants exist and are they causing disease in those suffering from implantation?

Let us first start with the following Null Hypothesis:

Alien Implants do not exist, and those who claim to suffer from such are mentally ill.

Now let us set about to prove or disprove this theory.


Taken from (

Dr. Leir began using body imaging studies to locate and remove foreign bodies from individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens. The individuals were required to undergo extensive psychological and physical testing.

Under strict observation, Dr. Leir performed medical examinations of the patients, and extensive tests of the implants he retrieves.

Below, I have listed a brief summary of Dr. Leir’s findings from his website. I would urge you to watch some of Dr. Leir’s lectures on youtube. A Doco on the subject can be found here:

Summary of Scientific Findings on Alien Implants

1)      Individuals who claim implant have concurrent psychological symptoms.

2)      There is no detectable insertion point for the implant.

3)      At the site of the implant, there is no detectable scar tissue formation under gross and microscopic exam.

4)      There is an excess of proprioceptive nerve fibers interfacing with the objects.

5)      The object is covered in a membrane that resists cutting with a surgical scalpel.

6)      The object emits several frequencies that appear to be used in deep space transmission.

7)      The object is composed of carbon nanotubes as observed under electron microscopy.

8)      Blind third party testing from Los Alamos National Laboratory state the isotopic ratios of the material in question is not terrestrial in origin.

9)   The fact that the object in question was engineered, gives off radio signals, and is composed of materials not constructed on this earth would suggest a sophisticated machine not endogenous to the human body.

Could this be a fraud?

Possibility 1: Dr. Leir is a fraud. Let’s examine the messenger. Dr. Leir is a board certified podiatrist. He has worked in the field of surgical medicine for several decades, holding the position as residency director and lecturing and teaching thousands of students.

He has a position of authority and only his reputation to lose. He is not profiting from the patients. Could he be doing this for notoriety?

If he was garnering patients and implanting them with devices that defy our current understanding of materials, and immunological reactions, in a way that leaves no detectable scars, then he would be better served by selling the technology. It makes no sense for Dr. Leir to be perpetrating a hoax of this scale.

It is difficult to argue that Dr. Leir is finding something, and his examinations are consistent with the summary above. It seems unlikely based on my expert opinion as a psychiatrist, that Dr. Leir is being disingenuous.

Our original hypothesis has come to a juncture. There are physical objects, and individuals who state that they were removed from their bodies. Therefore, we are stuck with implants that we cannot explain composed of materials that science cannot explain.

Possibility 2: The implants are real, and Dr. Leir is being hoaxed by some outside entity.

Based on the evidence put forth by Dr. Leir, one must consider that the implants exist. Therefore we must expand the scope of our original hypothesis and take into account the following to prove or disprove the Alien Implant hypothesis:

1)      The hoaxers are using material from another planet, or Los Alamos labs was in on the hoax.

2)      The hoaxers are using microscopic scalar antennas, carbon nanotubes and transmitting a message into deep space, far in advance of any technology known to cutting edge science.

3)      An elaborate fake alien encounter is being set up to fool the victims into thinking aliens abducted them.

This seems like an elaborate end to serve what purpose? Fooling people into thinking they have alien devices implanted in their bodies. If this were the case, then we would expect more publicity on the subject to market a movie, or sell more implant scanners.

Possibilty 3: The implants are real and of ET origin.

In science, one starts out with something called a Null Hypothesis. This is a statement based on observed data that takes into account the conventional view. Through observation one tests this hypothesis and then either rejects or accepts it.

Before reexamining the NH, let’s talk about Tornados. Do they exist? I have never seen one. I have heard about them, watched movies and even hunkered down when the news stated that one was approaching.

However, outside of video, I have never seen a tornado. Do I reject those individuals who tell me they exist, do I stamp my feet and insist that tornados do not exist until I see one with my own eyes? I could take this position, but that would be foolhardy.

The same is true with implants. At this point it is difficult to accept our Null Hypothesis with regards to the implants unless we are going to start denying everything we have not observed with our own eyes. The entire system of justice and religion depend on eye witness reports.

To continue to hold the view that tornados and alien implants do not exist and remain consistent, you must also reject the systems of religion and justice as both are based on eye-witness reports.

In accordance with a rational view, the Null Hypothesis in this case must be adjusted to state, Alien Implants appear to exist and may cause human disease.

This brings up a central issue.

Why is this not a public health concern?

If individuals are being abducted, and tagged like wildebeests of the Serengeti and sent back into the wild jungles of Topeka, Kansas. Why is this not being more closely examined?

Why are you programmed to wonder if I am the crazy one for reporting this information to you?

Like any good scientist, I would like to observe this phenomenon. If any of my readers believe they have been abducted by aliens, have an implant and suffer from psychiatric symptoms, please contact me. I am very  interested in learning more about your story.

I want to catch one of these little buggers.


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