Dr. Kalania Vastu fengshui expert care of to make your child an all-rounder (IMPORTANT INFO)


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Dr. Kalania Vastu fengshui expert care of to make your child an all-rounderChildren room is a hub of recreation, fun and frolic; however some basic things should be taken care of to make your child an all-rounder. Vastu complaint room suggests placing every thing at its proper location according to corresponding direction such as study table, bed, bathroom, and clock, and window, door and so on. Proper placement of things instills positive thinking in children’s mind to work harder and making then cheerful.

Every parent is keen to see their child’s progress in every sphere of life while there are some negative things that every house has due to Vastu defects which affects children behavior and mind. Improper placement of things transforms children into brat, stubborn and low in concentration pushing their parents to get on nerves. Converting your child’s room with Vastu set of rules can perhaps give you positive results making your child obedient and progressive.

Some basic tips of…

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The Master Key

master key success

master key success

There is a Master Key to success. This path can be used by anyone provide they do not have any impediments to using the key. Through the use of this key, one can attain whatever they want.

I shall present the Key here in list form.

Before we review the key, we must discuss the 2 impediments for using the Master Key.

Impediment 1:

The Four Horseman

1)      Illiteracy: Writing is power to lift anyone from poverty to success.

2)      Fear: Your fear holds you back. It is only by confronting fear that you may progress along your path and   realize your purpose.

3)      Disease: Ill-health will make the Master Key difficult to use.

4)      Totem and Taboo: following rites, rituals and blind acts of faith will keep someone locked in fear and close their minds to spiritual growth. This holds back the entire species from using the Master Key.

These four barriers can keep anyone from using the Master Key.

Impediment 2:

There are two types of people who never amount to anything.

1)      Those who do as they are told.

2)      Those who will do nothing else.

Master Key

1)      What the mind can perceive the mind can achieve.

  1. Think of what you would like to attain.
  2. Make it specific.
  3. Write it down.
  4. Formulate a plan.

2)      More minds working together accomplish more, faster.

3)      Go the extra mile (Quality+Quantity+Positive Mental Attitude)

  1. Employ this philosophy in everything that you do.

4)      Use a clear mind to attain whatever is desired.

  1. When working on your path, only work on your path.

5)      Have a pleasing personality, but not an obsequious one.

  1. Do not go along with others just because you have been trained to.
  2. Smile
  3. Be grateful for all that you have, and you will soon have more.

6)      Possession of one’s own mind/ Discipline of the Self.  MEDITATE

  1. Mastery of the Tongue= Right speech.

i.     Can be practiced by observing noble silence.

2. Discipline over emotions.

3. Control of urges

7)      Positive Mental Attitude

  • Adjust to others state of mind.  Notice if a group is rowdy or quiet, active or passive.
  • Do not argue/ Question
  • Laugh when you feel anger
  • Express gratitude as often as possible
  • Concentrate on can-do
  • If one considers negative consequences they are more likely to occur. Consider the double slit experiment in quantum physics. If you observe a wave, it becomes a particle. If you do not observe the particle, it maintains a wave of infinite possibility.
  • Make all circumstances positive
  •  Laird Hamilton, a professional big wave surfer says that if he envisions a wipe out. He immediately plays the scene back in his head with him making the wave. Mr. Hamilton did not have any idea he was using Neuro-linguistic Programming without being taught how to do it.

8)      Use your Enthusiasm to drive you.

9)      Learn from your adversity by converting negatives into positives.

10)   Personal initiative, complete that which you begin.

11)   Use your creativity.

  1. Imagine
  2. Create
  3. Synthesize

12)   Use Right Understanding. Seeing things as they are not as you would like them to be.

  1. This can only come from following a noble path.
  2. Do not over or under estimate yourself. Consider strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Ask others if you are unsure.

13)   Cosmic Habit Force

  1. Have positive daily habits
  2. Avoid obstinance or stagnation in your habits.
  3. Decrease any bad habits.

14)   Health

  1. Maintain good health.
  2. Avoid things that would impair your health.
  3. Strive to improve your health through diet and exercise.

That is the Master Key to Success, compiled by Napoleon Hill.

Here is the long course if you should be so inclined.

A Conversation with My Higher Self

Where the sky sets purple, azure and magenta and the shards of dead brain coral tinkle like wind chimes against the breaking wavelets,  I sit in silence. Going within. I ask myself…


The truth

Me: What is the point of any of this? Why must I suffer?

Higher Self: The point is to teach Dhamma.  Suffering must be experienced. All sentient beings suffer.

Me: Dhamma has already been taught. What can I add?

HS: You can add your knowledge of the current world as it is.

Me: But how has the world changed?

HS: Now there are chemicals, machines, computers, and destruction of the earth. You understand the brain, and may help those with injuries to the brain. You can write and allow others to see Dhamma though your eyes.

Me: But the earth is immaterial, and humans have suffered before. They will suffer now, and continue to suffer. Why try to eliminate suffering?

HS: Suffering cannot be eliminated. As long as craving exists, suffering will exist. You can alleviate suffering in others. Alleviating suffering will benefit you. Alleviating suffering in those around you, alleviates your suffering.

Me: Why not just shut myself up from humanity to avoid suffering.

HS: Because alone you will still suffer.

Me: Then I shall take my loved ones with me and we shall go live on a sailboat.

HS: You may try. But those around you will eventually grow sick and die or you will grow sick and die. There is no way out of suffering. It is the truth of life and death.

Me: Then one should just live a life of pleasure and abandon.

HS: Most people cannot sustain complete and total passion indefinitely. Eventually, one will need to seek more and more pleasure and eventually seek outside sources of pleasure in things like drugs. The body gets fat when you give into luxurious food, it gets lazy when you do not force it to suffer.

Me: Then one can be an atheistic. If everyone did this, then no more children would be born and the cycle of death and rebirth would be broken.

HS: Why should one abhor suffering? Suffering is integral to one’s quest for knowledge and truth. The Middle Path is the way. The body will naturally trend towards pleasure. Over consumption of pleasure leads to suffering. Therefore one must know the truth of suffering. All things arise and pass away. Humans are misguided and quest for immortality and hedonistic pleasure. This is evidenced by their desire for youth whilst having children. The desire to have children is illogical to one’s own quest for pleasure. It is in the course of great pleasure that the source of the greatest sorrow and suffering. The burying of one’s own child defies the natural laws of cause and effect.

Me: Then why should one take on such great pleasure in the face of such great risk?

HS: Because of human’s need to construct a wall of illusion around themselves. We do this as children by imagining our parents unending love, or the illusion of unending love. When we are grown, we never consider the prospect of dealing with the loss of the child. The paradox is this, we bring the child into the world and promise love, affection and protection. Then if all goes well, we leave the child alone to deal with the world. If all does not go according to natural law, the parent fails the child by allowing them to suffer and die.

Me: So what is the point?

HS: To know Dhamma.

Me: What is Dhamma.

HS: Dhamma is the truth of all truths

Me: What is Dhamma.

HS: That all things arise and pass away..

Me: Can everyone know Dhamma?

HS: Yes, as long as they are alive.

Me: Can I teach Dhamma?

The Distracted Generation

“Ambitious but easily distracted, Gen Y wants to be good but can’t stick to anything. It’s their parents’ fault   

…So that’s where we stand. The Me Generation, addicted to performance, dismantled the controls that protect us from corporate abuses and stock market crashes. A Distracted Generation, living in a world of abstraction, thinks it has ADHD but more likely has a dopamine-fueled addiction to social media and cell phones. It would seem we have reached the abyss. So what are we to do?

Generation Y thinks that, because they have grown up with all these technologies, they are better at multitasking. I would venture to argue they are not better at multitasking. What they are better at is being distracted.

According to a study at Northwestern University, the number of children and young people diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) shot up 66 percent between 2000 and 2010. Why the sudden and huge spike in a frontal lobe dysfunction over the course of a decade?”

Read the rest at Salon.com:

How baby boomers screwed their kids — and created millennial impatience


Brain Map: President Obama Proposes First Detailed Guide of Human Brain Function


EEG with 32 elektrodes

EEG with 32 elektrodes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The goal is to produce the first map of brain function to explore every signal sent by every cell and track how the resulting data flows through neural networks and is ultimately translated into thoughts, feelings and actions. While work is already underway to understand the wiring diagram of the whole brain— known as the connectome— this project would go beyond that to try to understand what this circuitry actually does.”

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To navigate something as complex and dynamic as the brain, a map would help.

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Zombie Cat People Freak Me Out

Drawn by early 20th-century commercial cat ill...

Drawn by early 20th-century commercial cat illustrator Louis Wain near the beginning of his mental illness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think Toxoplasmosis gondii, a parasite in the litter of the common house cat might be making some guys into paranoid, sloppy-dressing, car accident prone, anxious recluses, and certain women into promiscuous, obsequious, over-consuming, vapid narcissists. The idea that men and women in powerful situations may be mindless parasite infested zombies is terrifying or the makings of a dark comedy. (Oh, I do hope this is all a simulation.)
The idea that a common house pet might be responsible for everything from psychiatric issues to public safety would be hysterical to me, if it were not so sad. The sad part is the disregard for anything that may topple the Spontaneous Generation Model of mental disease model that PHARMA depends upon you believing-hook, line and sinker.
While I am on this subject of belief and perpetuating lies, and before I get back to “Cat People,” may I ask of my gentle readers that you refrain from telling me something is “genetic,” unless you are in fact a geneticist. Otherwise, you sound like a fool.

Our social interactions have become a series of flash card buzz words that people bandy about as if they know what they are talking about. If I wanted to know about jewels, I would not go to the goat herder. I would go to the jeweler.
The same goes for science, only it seems that everyone is a scientist now if they have a high school education, watch Neil deGrasse Tyson on Fox News, and read The Science Times.
We live in an age where the goat herder comes to you, though your TV set.
Now in the case of Mental Illness, I am a jeweler and you are coming to me. Therefore, take this in, as it might someday save someone’s life.

First: Right up the evolutionary chain we have examples of organisms that take over other organisms’ brains and turn the hosts into zombies.
One common example is rabies, which can cause otherwise docile dogs to become aggressive, or tertiary syphilis that can cause insanity. Other examples as shown here are not so well-known.

Ants who become infected with Cordyceps Fungi become zombies who attempt to infect the entire colony unless discovered and carried off by workers.
Watch a video about it here:

There is a wasp known as Polypshincta gutfreundi that lays its larvae inside the thorax of a specific spider and uses it to make a special kind of web.

“The subjects in Eberhard’s experiments were orb weaving spiders of the species Allocyclosa bifurca and their parasite Polysphincta gutfreundi, a tropical wasp. The parasitic cycle begins when a female wasp seizes a spider on its web and lays a tiny egg on its abdomen. A wormlike larva emerges from the egg and fastens itself to the spider’s abdomen, where it lives by sucking out vital juices through small holes that it makes in the spider’s skin. After about a week the larva matures and kills the spider, then sucks the rest of its internal fluids, leaving only a dry husk that it discards. Holding the spider’s web with tiny crochet-like hooks, the larva then builds a cocoon that attaches to the spider’s web. Here it pupates, emerging a few weeks later as a mature wasp.” (http://smithsonianscience.org/2010/01/drugged-spiders-web-spinning-may-hold-keys-to-determining-how-animal-behavior-is-controlled/)

Conclusion: Nervous system infecting parasites do exist and can affect behavior.

Second: Spontaneous Generation of Mental Illness Does Not Exist

Spontaneous generation is the doctrine of western thought about mental illness. The idea that mental illness is genetic, a chemical imbalance, or due to bad parenting is hogwash. All mental illness has a cause, and that cause can be traced to one of three things: Energy, Body, and Environment. That’s it and that’s all.

Stating that bipolar is a chemical imbalance is like stating that a car tire blow out was from “the road.” Or the house burned down because the gas can poured all over and a match fell on it. Both of these statements might be true, but do not account for how it happened. In the cases I cite, it is easy to see the vagueness of the third order descriptors. If I encase my language in fancy science terms, and feed it to a populace who dumbed down and made to fear giving a wrong answer, I can say just about anything.

If I say to a patient, “The cause of bipolar illness is due to a genetic predisposition towards a fundamental paucity of glutamate receptors in the part of the brain that regulates mood, and this medication is specially designed to increase the amount of GABA in the cingulate cortex to regulate your mood.” They start bobbing their heads like a DC call girl on pay-day, but in fact I have said nothing.

From a young age, we are trained to accept opinions of people who have more science words then us. If we go against a scientist in their field and start using our flash card words and they can trump us with their flash card words, they become our science teacher for that moment and we are transported like a kid in class worried about getting a detention or giving the wrong answer.

What if I say “Obsessive Compulsive disorder is cause by Streptococci.” Less likely to believe me? Why?

Do not check your brain at the door in the doctor’s office, but do not try to be a doctor either. This sets you up for being fooled. Most health practitioners are skilled in the art of persuasion. It is part of the training.

Doctors are no different. Some use their training to fool you, make you feel dumb and get you to agree. Others are in a rush and want to get to see their family. They do not want to entertain some “crazy,” theory you read about on the internet. They want to do what they can bill for, and justify legally. I am not condemning any well meaning healers here.

Do not accept that there is a genetic component to something unless you truly understand the interaction of genes and the environment. Do not accept that mental illness cannot be treated and cured. It can be, but to treat and cure requires identification. Here is a clear identifying cause of mental illness.

Third: It’s gondii not Gandhi.

life cycle of Toxoplasma gondii

life cycle of Toxoplasma gondii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toxoplasmosis gondii is a parasite that is found in cat litter.
T. gondii does infect humans (Pregnant women are told to avoid cat litter in mainstream medicine)
T. gondii does take up residence in the brain.

There is a researcher by the name of Dr. Jeroslav Flegr who has studied the parasite for several decades and found some interesting results, gaining the interest of a few intrepid researchers in the field.

In affected people, Dr. Flegr has found decreased time to react, which has led him to suspect that infected people have more car accidents.

Epidemiological studies in the Czech Republic, one of men and women in the general population and another of mostly male drivers in the military. Those who tested positive for the parasite, both studies showed, were about two and a half times as likely to be in a traffic accident as their uninfected peers.”

Furthermore, Dr. Flagr published a paper on the correlation between T. gondii and schizophrenia.

“Twelve of 44 schizophrenia patients who underwent MRI scans, the team found, had reduced gray matter in the brain—and the decrease occurred almost exclusively in those who tested positive for T. gondii. After reading the abstract, I must look stunned, because Flegr smiles and says, “Jiri had the same response. I don’t think he believed it could be true.” When I later speak with Horacek, he admits to having been skeptical about Flegr’s theory at the outset. When they merged the MRI results with the infection data, however, he went from being a doubter to being a believer. “I was amazed at how pronounced the effect was,” he says. “To me that suggests the parasite may trigger schizophrenia in genetically susceptible people.””

Rather the reinvent the wheel, I would suggest you refer to the excellent article written by Kathleen Macauliffe http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2012/03/how-your-cat-is-making-you-crazy/308873/

My goal here is to highlight and illuminate.

Fourth: That’s nice, my brain is infiltrated with a mind controlling parasite, now what?

If I did not own a cat, and did not exhibit any of the symptoms listed above, I would move on. There is nothing worse then the nervous ninnies perpetuating the stereotype of the hysterical public. This is one of the reasons new causes of disease are not discussed. The doctor is worried about making you crazy.

Incurable diseases do exist, but what was once incurable can one day become curable.

If a protozoan was controlling my behavior, would I want to know?

My answer is yes.

Therefore, what would I do?

I would first get a blood test looking for exposure and active infection with T. gondii. Then if it turned out I was positive for the bugger, I would get an MRI to determine if there are any lacunae in my brain.

If I found that I was infected then I would change my diet to take in foods that complement my immune system and reduce infection. I would consider the life cycle of gondii and starve it of food that it likes. I would also investigate anti-fungal medication and alternative treatment for fungi. I would speak to experts in the treatment of opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.

To avoid getting gondii in the brain. I would not own a cat. If I did have a cat, I would wash my hands after playing him or her, or handling cat litter. I would not allow young children to play with cats for extended periods of time, or have cat litter boxes in the house with young children. I would also avoid unclean water sources, and eating cat poo.

Fifth: This is not the-be and end all-of mental illness or even schizophrenia.

There are many causes of mental illness, just as there are many causes of the common cold. What if complex organisms are using parasites to control the behavior of other complex organisms? Such as people domesticating dogs, or dogs domesticating people, or a GMO parasite placed inside a fast food that causes the infected person to continuously crave a chemical only found in that food.

What if certain politicians or business leaders are walking zombies infected with some unknown parasite and infected others with it to control their brains?

I would want to know.

But until then, the smart go surfing.

Of Mice and Macho Men

Of Mice and Macho Men (Photo credit: jurvetson)

Genetically Modified Brains

This is a transaxial slice of the brain of a 5...

This is a transaxial slice of the brain of a 56 year old patient (male) taken with positron emission tomography (PET). The injected dose have been 282 MBq of 18F-FDG and the image was generated from a 20 minutes measurement with an ECAT Exact HR+ PET Scanner. Red areas show more accumulated tracer substance (18F-FDG) and blue areas are regions where low to no tracer have been accumulated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is a GMB?

Why, it is a genetically modified brain, of course.

Did you know that Blue-green algae can be used as a brain control device?
This has promising implications for people suffering from epilepsy, movement disorder, and psychiatric illness. For all you Manchurian Candidate bunker building folks (shh, got mine out back)…yes, it could also be used to in a sense to brain-hack someone’s body and take them over- a’ la Agent Smith in The Martix.

It works like this. DNA that makes the light sensitive ion channel from algae is inserted into a virus that infects a specific area of the brain. For instance, an electrically unstable seizure causing zone. The virus intercalates the DNA from the algae membrane channel into the host brain cell. Then the brain cells infected with the new modified DNA transcribe, translate and express the new light-sensitive receptor. Now, when a specific wave length of light focused on the area of the head containing the new protein, those cells react as they would if they received a message from inside the body.

It works like this:


In the case of seizures, you could infect the inhibitory neurons around the area of the seizure and thus provide increased electrical stability and stave off the generalization of the epileptgenic foci.

In Parkinson’s disease, there is degeneration of the Substantia Nigra dopaminergic neurons. By infecting the area with the modified virus vector, the cells could be coaxed into releasing more dopamine.

Here is a video showing mice infected with the modified gene. Zombies!